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The English MUN club of our school, AKADEMUN, has been founded with great contributions and initiation of one of our past graduates, Ercan Dal, in the 2018-2019 education year. MUN conferences and clubs are regarded as the most prestigious academic activity by a vast majority of universities, educational organizations and instutitons, and educational authorities.

Attended by MUN clubs of high schools, MUN conferences -Model United Nations conferences- are conferences in which United Nations’ assemblies are realistically simulated with respect to their structure and content. Students from all around the World discuss the real World’s political issues in order to find a commonly agreed solution in a particular topic. Resulting resolutions are sent to the United Nations as advice.

From the language used , to dress code and debate procedures, MUN conferences are organized in the same manner as typical UN conferences in many aspects. Students, as delegates of their predetermined countries, are assigned their delegation in one of the UN committees, for example, General Assembly , Security Council, Economic and Social Council, and specialized committees.

Participant students are assigned different countries from their own country so that students can gain knowledge in different countries’ geographical ,social economic, political situations, and develop their skills in considering World’s issues from other countries’ perspectives. Today, MUN conferences attract more than one million students in total, and there are more than 750 MUN conferences organized worldwide by universities, high schools, and private institutions.

The MUN club of our school, AKADEMUN, aims to enable students to advance their knowledge in current events, issues and trends in international relations, diplomacy, and responsibities of the UN, as well as official UN debate procedures and style.